Mission Opportunities

Mission Opportunities, Retreats, and Travel Seminars

From its birth, KAM has been a missional presence in Eastern Kentucky.   While most mission centers and ministries are site based, they have a building and campus, KAM considers our mission site to be all of Eastern Kentucky.   KAMís Director,  has an office at First Christian Church in Berea, but we partner with congregations, mission centers, and not-for-profits rather than maintaining our own ministry site.   This allows KAM to be very flexible, keep our administrative costs down, and go where the need and action is!

Mission Trips or Volunteer Work

If you are interested in a mission trip or volunteer work in Kentucky Appalachia, KAM will be pleased to assist you as you intentional matchmaker.   KAM will learn about your group, skills, and hopes for your mission experience or volunteer work.   We will then help you connect with an Appalachian ministry or not-for-profit that meetings your needs and can use your skills.   Whatís more KAM will also help you learn more about the area before your arrival.

Special Projects and Donations

Yes, there are many opportunities to work directly with KAM.   KAM would be happy to assist your congregation, school group, or organization with a mission project such as providing winter coats, a back to school project, a food drive, or a special project created just for your church or organization.

Mission Tours, Retreats, and Travel Seminars

KAM designs and leads travel tours and seminars.  These events are usually scheduled for a three-day to five days in week duration.  Come and spend some time in Kentucky Appalachia!  We can also help you with a retreat in Appalachia focusing on spirituality, mountain arts, and faith.   We can also offer groups such as Deacons, Elders, men or womenís fellowship groups and opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of Appalachia.   KAM has many friends to help us with these projects.

Please Note:  KAM is not able to provide sight-seeing tours of Kentucky Appalachia.  Our purpose is to awaken Christians to the culture and faith of Appalachia.  Due to limited resources, preference will be given to congregational groups (i.e., Men's, Women's and Youth groups).  Due to the shortage of lodging during peak tourist seasons, contact us at least six months prior to the date of your event.  Costs for lodging, food, and transportation will depend on the length of the trip and number of participants.